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Webinar: Critical Success Metrics for Your Non-profit Organization

shutterstock_119018866With all of the great work your non-profit does, how do you track and show results? How do you quickly and clearly validate, quantify, and report on the outcomes of your activities? Amid increasing demand for transparency and accountability, today’s non-profits are seeking ways to both produce and to demonstrate successful outcomes.

Outcome metrics are powerful, essential tools for demonstrating accountability and transparency. They can measure financial or non-financial criteria that reflect an organization’s, program’s, or initiative’s efficacy.

These metrics not only show funders and constituents how the organization is performing; they also help pave the way for sustainable growth and greater efficiency. This Intacct whitepaper describes how nonprofits can effectively leverage outcome metrics to boost their success.

Leading non-profits are utilizing key metrics and outcome measures to demonstrate success to donors and stakeholders.

Watch our webinar and learn what is driving forward-thinking non-profits to place a strong emphasis on success metrics—and the next steps you can take to put them into practice in your organization.

At the end of this webinar you will know:

  • What are the key metrics and outcome measures for non-profits?
  • Why are they critical to your non-profit’s success?
  • The key differences between performance and outcomes
  • What immediate steps you can take to be more successful

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Using Form 990 for Organizational Improvements

While many non-profit organizations may be exempt from income taxes, they are not exempt from the federal government’s recordkeeping requirements. Among those requirements are tracking revenues and expenses and reporting those items to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by way of Form 990. The requirement applies to organizations as small as the local Little League affiliate or as large as a major hospital.

While organizations file Form 990 because it is a requirement to maintain their exempt status, many may not realize that there are many other ways the Form 990 can be used to benefit your non-profit organization.

The Form 990 not only serves public purposes, it can serve organizational purposes as well, allowing board members, donors and others access to information about an organization’s financial management, operations and governance. It is a tool—a research document—for understanding your organization, its strengths and its weaknesses.

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