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Now Officially Partners with Profisee

BlumShapiro is now one of a select few consulting firms working directly with Profisee to deliver rich tools for SQL Server 2008 R2 Master Data Services.

This makes life in our Microsoft BI and Master Data practice much easier because I can freely demo both the Master Data Maestro Client Application and the Master Data Maestro server solution coming in Version 2 of the product.

Version 1 Master Data Maestro offered several benefits to organizations looking to leverage Master Data Services:

1. Workspaces for Data Stewards working with Master Data Day-in Day –out

2. Merging to the “Golden Record” enabling native merge capabilities found in the WCF Services layer which are difficult to leverage out-of-the-box

3. Hierarchy Navigation and Management because nobody wants to manage a Hierarchy in a browser (trust me)

Version 2 adds a Server component to the product which a key Data Quality ask for nearly every one of my clients: Address Standardization with Bing Maps. I can’t wait to get the beta installed in the Blum Lab.


Brian Berry is a Director of Technology Consulting with BlumShapiro, focusing on Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions, with a strong focus on Systems Integration, Master Data Management and PerformancePoint Services. He has been helping companies optimize their investments in Microsoft technology for over 12 years.

Profisee Releases Thick Client for Master Data Services

I was very impressed with the demo I saw of this product from Profisee last week and thought you may want to know about it. Like SQL Server Reporting Services’ Report Manager Interface before it, the Master Data Manager is the Web UI which comes out of the box with SQL Server 2008 R2 Master Data Services. I remember when SSRS was first released (with SQL Server 2000), we were all a bit under whelmed with the UI. I predict that some may find the MDS UI similarly disappointing. But remember – Microsoft is a platform company – and partners step up to the plate to extend and enhance the core services.

The product name is Master Data Maestro. The UI looks very similar to Office 2010 clients. I can see this being extremely useful for real “Power Stewards” – the power users who will work with Master Data Services every day.

We are looking forward to working with Master Data Maestro to get some MDM models up and running quickly with our clients in the northeast.