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Introduction to Master Data Services Presentation Source Code

Thanks to CTDOTNET and the 40 or so folks who showed up despite a tanker rollover on I-91.  I sometimes find that I have difficulty filling 90 minutes with content when presenting on a topic.  Not Master Data Services!  This is a surprising product to many experienced .NET practitioners (and even SQL DBAs) and the topic of MDM never fails to provoke conversation.
We spent the first 45 minutes simply understanding what MDM was and was not.  Then 30 minutes discussing modeling and business rules.  Before I knew it, I had 10 minutes to show some code.  Ah well.
The Slide Deck for those who missed it is here:
I also published several Source Code samples.  The first is the SharePoint Workflow which was initiated in response to a Master Data Action:
The second is the custom workflow extender which leverages External Actions to launch a customized Business Process:
Finally, this Windows App works with the Sample Customer Model and demonstrates how you might go about creating a custom UI:

Brian Berry is a Director of Technology Consulting with BlumShapiro, focusing on Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions, with a strong focus on Systems Integration, Master Data Management and PerformancePoint Services. He has been helping companies optimize their investments in Microsoft technology for over 12 years.

Speaking of SQL Master Data Services

Yeah! I’m so glad that SB asked me because after SharePoint Saturday Hartford (of course you were there) I was thinking to myself – I need to get up and talk to people more about Master Data Services.

Anyway, I enjoy this group. They meet at the Microsoft office in Farmington, CT every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Nice group of people and I have seen several excellent presentations given there. My talk is on March 8, 2011.

I’m not sure when the event starts, but you can find out here: http://ctdotnet.org/default.aspx

I’ll talk about what Master Data Management is, why companies care, and the of course SQL Server 2008 R2 Master Data Services. We’ll talk architecture, modeling, rules, getting data in, getting data out, and even demo some SharePoint code!

Hope you can make it.