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Master Data Services API at Code Camp 5

This weekend was a bit of stretch for me: 2 presentations on MDM and 1 production “Go-Live” with MDS, BizTalk and JD Edwards 9.  Stressful.  But Bob and SB who run the CT Code Camps made the second presentation pretty easy – thanks guys!

Code Camp is a great opportunity to step back and try to package “what I do” into bite-size chunks for my fellow .NET solutions developers. It’s also an opportunity to take some time and learn about stuff I don’t have time to read up on.  Metro UI, Speech Recognition, SQL Azure, SharePoint Online … lot’s of valuable information.

My friend John Flannery at Evolution1 did an excellent job covering SQL Server 2012 enhancements.  Nice job, John!

Another shout out to Brian Zebarth and Matt Rankin, my colleagues from BlumShapiro who handled all the arrangements around our sponsorship of the event.  Thanks a million guys!

My presentation was titled “SQL Server Master Data Services API Fundamentals” – aka MDS for Developers.  I wanted to keep this sharply focused on:

  1. What is Master Data Services?
  2. Why would I use it?
  3. How do I setup a Development Environment?
  4. How do I get data in?
  5. How do I get data out?

And for those who would like to review my slides and code samples:

PowerPoint- http://sdrv.ms/Lwbpnc

Code Samples – http://sdrv.ms/LWXEgP

See you next time!

Brian Berry is a Director of Technology Consulting with BlumShapiro, focusing on Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions, with a strong focus on Systems Integration, Master Data Management and PerformancePoint Services. He has been helping companies optimize their investments in Microsoft technology for over 12 years.