Are Your Front and Back Office Communications Creating a Sales Bottleneck?

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In today’s hyper-competitive world, speed is everything. People expect to make purchasing decisions in seconds, not minutes or days. Think of the last time you were shopping online. How quickly did it take to complete your purchase?

Do your customers have the same experience with your company?

Firms that continue to grow quickly and aggressively work very hard to replicate this same experience with their customers and prospects. They do this by removing any barriers to the sales process by promoting instant communication and efficient collaboration between sales and finance.
Where does your company stand?

Are you like most companies, that send an e-mail and wait for a response…leaving the customer waiting?
What if you were able to have your salespeople instantly see their customer’s credit status, outstanding balance, and aging immediately, right from within your CRM system?

What if your company had the ability to send instant messages to the finance team, and get an immediate response for approval and keep track of these conversations as part of that sales order so that you can instantly access the history…without digging through hundreds of e-mails?

In this video, Hans Schaedel, CFO of Canto, discusses how his company improves collaboration between sales and finance teams using Intacct Collaborate. This product, which is based on Salesforce’s award winning Chatter platform, allows all members of the finance and sales team to communicate and collaborate easily and efficiently.

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Intacct Collaborate allows users to collaborate securely in the context of financial records. Conversations are stored with the individual customer, vendor, invoice, or general ledger records where they are posted. Users can also attach relevant documents, such as credit reports, to these conversations. This approach allows everyone in the finance and sales team instant access to any issues in a way that they can be easily reviewed, understood and updated. Issues can be quickly identified, discussed and resolved.

According to Intacct, Collaborate is available free of charge to all Intacct users and does not require the company subscribe to Salesforce. Intacct will provide the licenses to their users free of charge if they don’t subscribe to Salesforce.

New Webinar – Eliminating Front and Back Office Bottlenecks
Intacct is also sponsoring a webinar – Aligning Finance and Sales: Best-in-Class ERP and Salesforce on
February 10th at 2PM EST.

You will learn how to gain stronger alignment between sales and finance by connecting processes, data, and people between Salesforce and Intacct, the best-in-class ERP and how you can:

Automatically trigger invoicing and revenue recognition when a sale is completed in Salesforce
Comply with the latest multi-element revenue recognition guidelines
Connect sales and finance to speed approvals, resolve exceptions, and drive faster revenue
To register for this webinar, click here.

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