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Data Warehouse as a Service is Here

Cloud Computing has a new acronym: WaaS, or Warehousing as a Service, and if you are intrigued by the cost savings promised by Infrastructure as a Service, Warehousing as a Service will take your breath away.

BitYota has been a prominent start-up in the race to provide ultra low-cost data warehouse capabilities in a public cloud infrastructure.  In order to pull off a BI solution in the cloud, a vendor has to be able to provide a very compelling price point, both on storage and on compute processing.  At $1500/month, the BitYota “Starter” plan looks like a good fit for small to mid-size companies.



Amazon Web Services has upped the ante with their announcement last week of RedShift Data Warehouse service.  Designed to be easy to launch with a few clicks from the AWS Management Console, Redshift is priced at under $1,000 per terabyte per year, but customers will have the ability to scale up to a petabyte or more of storage space.

That’s right: $1000 per TB/year.

RedShift is currently in beta; expect the full release in early January, 2013.

Microsoft’s plans for supporting WaaS on Azure are unclear.  The concept has been incubating within the SQL Azure team since the beginning.  Windows Azure does supporting SQL Database Federations, groups of SQL Databases which implement Horizontal partitioning, or Sharding.  But it is unclear how to go about pricing this: unstructured data is extremely cheap, but when you need structured data, the price does not yet compete with AWS or BitYota.

Is the Enterprise Data Warehouse dead?  Will it be in 5 years?