Using the Outlook Add-In for Dynamics CRM in Office 2010 Beta

My risk barometer may be a bit skewed – I’ll be the first to admit that. Anyway, please don’t be shocked when I tell you that I decided to try uninstalling Office Professional 2010 Beta from my business PC because I wanted to switch from 64-bit back to 32-bit.

Why would I do such a thing, knowing full well that Beta products are notoriously difficult to uninstall? Simple – I love the Outlook Add-In for Dynamics CRM. Without it, I just don’t use the thing (i.e. I forget to share valuable information with my colleagues). The Outlook Add-In only works with 32 –bit Outlook clients. I decided it was worth the hassle, and I might learn something.

First question: how difficult is it to uninstall Office 2010 Beta?

Usually, there is a quite a bit of information out there on the web about challenges related to uninstalling a beta product. However, that information is not out there. There is an FAQ sheet which recommends that you simply Uninstall the software from the Programs and Features section of Control Panel – you know, like this was an RTM release. It can’t be that easy, I said.

Actually, pretty close. I also had Visio 2010 and Project 2010 Beta installed – that was the only catch. I was not aware (and still am not certain) that there is a preferred order to this. What I did was:

1. Uninstalled Office 2010 Professional Plus Beta

2. Restarted the machine

3. Attempted to Install Office 2010 Beta for 32 –bit. This complained that I still had 64 bit components, namely Project and Visio. So…

4. Uninstalled Project 2010 – the installer complained that it was not able to finish

5. Uninstalled Visio 2010 – again the installer complained that it was not able to finish

6. Restarted the machine

7. Installed Office 2010 Professional Plus for 32-bit

I did not get any complaints on the install of 32-bit and everything seems to be working well. Even Communicator is happy again – no Outlook Integration errors.

Right now, I am downloading Project and Visio 2010 for 32-bit – I’ll update this accordingly if I discover an issue.

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