What is a Tag Cloud?

I’ve been talking about blogs with people a lot lately (seems like everyone is suddenly interested in them and invariably the concept of the Tag Cloud comes up.  What exactly is this?  Well, it’s a visual way to show what categories (or tags) on your blog have more posts than others.  When you add a new blog post you should associate categories to it.  This allows users to see a group of posts together that fall into a particular category.  The tag cloud makes the name of the category appear larger than others based on the number of posts it has associated to it.  Here’s an example:

Here, you see, that there are more posts in the Miscellaneous, Workflow and WSS 3.0 categories than there are in SharePoint 2007.  This gives a you a quick way to see where the bulk of the content is and lets you click into one of the categories knowing which might have the most information behind them.

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