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SharePoint Development Guidance – Patterns and Practices

If you are involved in any way in developing custom WSS or MOSS solutions, then I have two things for you today. First, be sure you are working with the latest extension for WSS 3.0 in Visual Studio 2008. The latest version handles deployment of features and solutions for you – all you need to worry about is writing the Manifest file.

If you do not have the WSS Extensions for Visual Studio 2008 1.2, be sure to get that here:

Second, the group which developed the WSS extensions for Visual Studio 2008 is releasing “Patterns and Practices” guidance on CodePlex. The sample code demonstrates how to lay out your Visual Studio solutions in order to effectively use the extensions for their intended purpose – helping you create real SharePoint Composite Applications in days instead of weeks.

Here is the CodePlex site:

More on these patterns in later posts.


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SharePoint Workflow Bug?

On a recent project we delivered for a client of ours there were several custom workflows involved that were behaving oddly.  Specifically, you could run through the initiation of the workflow, have it create the associated tasks, have users complete tasks and then have the workflow complete without issue.  However, other times, the workflow would get kicked off at all – it would just hang on the “Operation in Progress” screen.

After attempting to debug the solution and not making much progress I stumbled across the following post on Kirk Allen Evan’s blog:

This post described my problem pretty well.  Then, I found a comment in the post that pointed me here:

The above post described my problem exactly and, by removing the “OnTaskCreated” activities from my workflows I no longer had the threading issues I was experiencing.

Hopefully Microsoft will address this in an upcoming hotfix/service pack.  It caused us a great deal of strife, but thanks to the great contributions of others was able to be solved.

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